Intermediate Water Chemistry

Start Date:
Feb 3, 2017
Finish date:
Feb 3, 2017
Last Revised:
Dec 28, 2016


Note: Due to the material covered, this is a three-hour course.

This seminar will begin by covering the information that is discussed in the Basic Water Chemistry seminar and move beyond that level. It goes into more details in areas of filtration equipment, specialty chemicals, interrelationships of chemical readings, and more. Due to the significant amount of information to cover we have set aside three hours. A Double Time Slot! Lengthier discussions will be spent on: filters, their differences and advantages/disadvantages among them, types of enzymes and what they do and why they work well together, how to adjust water that is out of balance, how and when CYA affects total alkalinity readings, how chlorine works and the different types of combined chlorine, how to select the right algaecide, phosphates and their role in pool chemistry, good and bad.