Why Fiberglass Pool Demand has Tripled in the Last Decade

Start Date:
Feb 2, 2017
Finish date:
Feb 2, 2017
Last Revised:
Dec 28, 2016


Every pool builder will eventually be confronted with a customer inquiring about a one piece fiberglass pool as the demand for fiberglass pools is growing at a staggering pace. This course will offer a glimpse into the fiberglass pool industry to be able to answer the questions of today’s backyard pool consumers. The program will feature some of the facts and figures on the industry, a review of the sales and installation points, and discuss a few unfamiliar topics like shell unloading and placement and a few tricks of the trade for the installer. We will discuss some of the innovations like splash and wet decks built in seating areas and tanning ledges , water features, built in and spill over spas, today’s hottest features incorporated into a fiberglass shell unavailable on other types of pools and most importantly why it makes good business sense to add fiberglass pools to their product line.


1. Understand the Relationship Between Consumer Education, Earning Trust, and Winning Sales With Regards To Fiberglass Pools. Review the latest options with today’s modern one piece fiberglass shells

2. Identify The Advantages And Disadvantages of Fiberglass Pools to The Client and The Dealer

3. How To Be A Fiberglass Pool Pioneer and Introduce The Product Into New Markets

4. Identify The Top Fiberglass Pool Installation Obstacles and How To Overcome Them