Recipe for Success: Deliver Winning Custom Pool Designs using Efficiency, Safety & Basic Hydraulics

Start Date:
Feb 2, 2017
Finish date:
Feb 2, 2017
Last Revised:
Dec 28, 2016


The days of guessing, or hoping, your preferred brands of pump, filter, heater, and sanitizer somehow work well together is over.  Disruptions caused by VGB, variable speed pumps, and the rapid adoption of national pool building codes changed our industry forever. Learn from the experts how to use three ANSI Standards to simplify designing custom pools using science based hydraulic performance, proven energy savings, and one of many VGB compliant options to document your company builds projects that exceed the latest building codes.   This course compliments “Advanced Hydraulics – Keys to Circulation System Success Everyone Can Understand and Use.”

1. Discover the basic hydraulic principles that drive circulation system performance, energy efficiency, and VGB compliant suction safety.

2. Learn the 3-Step Design approach to easily document compliance, energy efficiency and safety in a way that will prove your company is building truly state-of-the-art projects. 

3. Learn how to project, trust, and prove energy savings to consumers using ANSI/APSP-15 the performance base for ENERGY STAR rated pool pumps.  

4. Understand the importance of complying with the APSP-7 Suction Entrapment Avoidance standard, how to select appropriate options, and how to demonstrate compliance upon completion.