Advanced Hydraulics- Keys to Circulation System Success Everyone can Understand and Use

Start Date:
Feb 3, 2017
Finish date:
Feb 3, 2017
Last Revised:
Dec 28, 2016


Don’t be intimidated! This advanced hydraulics class is easy to understand; yet it provides the keys to make your custom pool and spa systems perform like a big-budget commercial water park system. Why? Hydraulics easily scale with project size. And the secret is the NOT math – your phone can handle that – the secret is the relationship between your preferred pump, filter, pipe, and those overlooked return fittings. This course compliments “Recipe for Success: Delivering Winning Custom Pool Designs using Efficiency, Safety, and Hydraulics.”

Learning Objectives:

  • -Understand the physics of water in motion to avoid common mistakes that CAN’T be easily fixed after the pool or spa is done.
  • -Learn how to use suction, pressure, and TDH to design better circulation systems; the same information needed to improve existing systems that don’t work.
  • -Discover common workmanship issue that destroy hydraulic efficiency, and more important, simply fixes that can eliminate the need for expensive remodels.
  • -Leave with a working understanding of what is, and is not important for hydraulic design success, allowing you to focus on what really matters most.